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Redesigning teaching

In future schools, with their learner-centric approaches, teaching will be flexible and applied according to need. Teachers will be more diverse in their approaches and more attuned to the relationship between curriculum, community and student at any given time.

Traditional approaches to teaching, such as direct instruction, will still apply but be delivered at the point of need or in clinics, lectures and podcasts. Meta-cognition, or learning how to learn, will also be explicitly taught.

Student progress will be mapped rather than scored and students will report their progress to their parents.

Teachers as facilitators

For units of work, teachers will anticipate the essential knowledge and skills needed, and plan for their provision. The rest of the teaching will be facilitating student inquiry, interdependence and action. Place-based approaches will provide increased authenticity to learning.

The following links lead to elaborations on these key points, including a planning guide, an example of a completed planner, and a blank planner. The 'Implementation' button leads to a typical schedule, curriculum audit, and implementation calendar.

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